Wase Saba Sessions

I have many years of experience as a facilitator of a wide range of sessions. Select an option below to learn more about what services I offer!

  • Powwow Dance Performance & Instruction: stories of styles, regalia care, why we dance, dancing in a good way, specialized warm up and stretching, step instruction
  • The Blanket Exercise: Indigenous awareness, personal testimony and Jingle Dress dance integrated
  • Cultural Crafts: Basic beading, medicine bags, safety pin head dresses, MMIW awareness red para-cord bracelets, dreamcatchers
  • Traditional Games: Crafting, stories and game play
  • Spoken Word: Performance, writing and storytelling

I facilitate indigenous cultural sessions for groups of all ages and sizes. This involves sharing my Sioux, Cree, and German cultural learnings with groups, and taking pride in being able to help people open their minds to new experiences, ideas, and world views. Want to learn more? Then contact me and we can figure out an excellent indigenous cultural lesson for you and your group.

  • Basic Powwow & Rounddance step demonstrations
  • Kairos Blanket Exercise: An interactive historical activity that places participants in the role of about the First Peoples of Turtle Island before, during & after settler contact 
  • Traditional crafting: Medicine bags, dreamcatchers, Metis sash bracelets & dot art
  • Beading, Ribbon Skirt & Moccasin Making: Beginner Level
  • Bannock Making: over a fire (pit & ingredients required) 
  • Smudge Ceremony: what it is, the importance, what medicine to use, how to conduct the ceremony & after ceremony practice 
  • Presenting Protocol: What, where & how to present it 
  • Sharing Circles: Equal voice for all, inclusivity, talking tool & teaching 
  • Traditional Indigenous Games: Lacrosse (equipment required), Dox-En-Eye, Double Ball, Ring the Stick, Sling Ball, Fox Tail, Scream Race
  • Physical Ice Breaker Activities: Chief, Dogsled, Tipi (mingling), 4 Directions, Human Knot, Move Your Feet

I facilitate a range of leadership courses and presentations. They blend my cultural experiences with contemporary practices and are designed to help you and your group become great leaders! An overview of my courses are outlined before. Pleasereach out if you would like to book a course or if you have any questions.

  • Building Healthy, Safe Relationships: 2 Day (modifiable) Red Cross workshop on consent, types of abuse and healthy relationship education
  • Team Building: Ice-breaking & fun activities to build group cohesiveness
  • Self‐Discovery: Recognizing one's strengths, goals & becoming aware of internal vs. external self
  • What is A Leader?: Identifying desirable & attainable leadership qualities
  • Current Issues for FNMI Women and People: Youth-identified & recorded issues and how these issues affect every one
  • Healthy Coping Strategies: Vision Boards, Exercise, Poetry, Journalling, Crafting
  • Diabetes Education: Diabetes education & awareness activites, understanding relevance to Aboriginal people as a developing pandemic
  • Taking Initiative: Learning what it means to "step up" and take action, the steps
  • Facing Fears: Identifying fears through a "Stretch Zone" activity, how & why they are challenges to be overcome
  • Effective Communication & Speaking Up: Sequential pair, group and individual public speaking practice
  • Circles of Support: Identifying & Accessing Community Services
  • Goal Setting & Next Steps: Understanding & establishing Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely goals, vision board making