Indigenous Powwow Dance Experience

Indigenous *Powwow Dance Experience

*Powwow dances are practiced by First Nations People in Canada as a form of prayer, ceremony & celebration of culture. It includes a variety of dance styles, cultural regalia & drum songs.

During this experience, participants will learn about Powwow, what it is, its importance to Indigenous People, stories of each style and teachings of respect and integrity.

The session will begin with a Smudge Ceremony to cleanse the space and get started in a good way. This will be followed by an opening circle, giving participants a chance to share and learn through the use of stories and teachings from my culture.

A large part of these teachings surround the outfits and regalia we wear as Powwow dancers, and guests will have a chance to interact with various pieces of regalia. This includes: beadwork, furs, hair ties, fancy ribbon shawl and other pieces.

*Please refrain from consuming or being under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, or any illicit substances if you wish to participate in this portion of the experience

The final components will be a custom Powwow dance demonstration of one of the three women’s Powwow dance styles. As well as an invitation to learn a basic Powwow step and a group Round dance, honouring the cycle of life, connection and community in a circle format. There will also be time for questions throughout.

Please wear footwear and clothing you can move in.

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